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Academic Software was there when computers entered the classroom. We will be there as education adapts to the future.

Academic Platform

10-01-2021 Dawn Nell

Academic Software has decades of experience in the world of education. Education is everything we are about.

Academic Software is the partner of choice of educational institutions across Europe. We understand the challenges facing the fast-changing world of education. The Academic Software platform has been developed in partnership with over 2000 schools, colleges and universities across the continent. The platform is already used by over half a million students, who are benefiting from the simplicity of a single sign-on to access all the digital tools they need for their studies.

Academic Software continues to adapt and respond to the needs of the education world. We’re looking forward to continuing our mission to enhance education through easy access to all Academic Software and digital assets – One platform, endless possibilities!

Academic Software provides access to over 1200 software titles and digital tools, and works in close partnership with some of the world’s leading digital brands. This ensures seamless integration with existing digital infrastructure, and also means you get the most up-to-date digital resources for your institution at the best prices. Many of our clients are also using Academic Software’s Student Cloud, which provides Cloud tools with no unexpected costs or IT headaches.

Because we focus solely on education, we understand the challenges facing the sector. This is why we offer great round-the-year, multilingual helpdesk support for students, researchers, educators, and the managers of digital resources.

Desktops in labs and classrooms Everybody own device
On-premise ICT infrastructure Cloud based ICT-infrastructure
Licencecodes and volume licences User-based licensing
Static education Dynamic education
Standard usage Individualised usage

Academic Software is the all-in-one solution for teachers and students to access high-end and up-to-date software and digital assets needed in their educational trajectory through their school account, enriching the teaching and learning experience and increasing the quality of education.