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Our platform

The Academic Software platform is a SaaS platform that centralises and integrates all your software, cloud and web applications; automating licensing, and distributing the digital tools through a variety of deployment methods.

  • 100% of your software, web and cloud applications and learning platforms on one platform
  • +1300 titles, and growing every day; partnerships with the biggest names in educational software and applications
  • Fully integrated with your existing SSO and LMS
  • User-friendly with multilingual helpdesk support


  • Make cloud labs available in a controlled way
  • Virtual machines in an accessible self-service platform for end-users, whilst facilitating cloud management and the monitoring of cloud consumption
  • Cost-control features such as auto shutdown on idle, and pre-set usage limits prevent overspending
  • Monitor usage through dashboard reporting for cost management

Research cloud

  • Give your researchers the cloud tools they need to run any workload on any environment
  • An easy-to-use interface gives your researchers access to machine sizes ranging from standard servers to number-crunching beasts
  • Automatic monitoring and management
  • Detailed reporting and cost allocation per project/lab so your budgets are as clear as your research results


Academic Software is a modern workplace deployment solution, where every type of user (staff, student, teacher, researcher) can access, deploy and license the tools they need through the single sign-on of their institution.

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Academic Software

The global leader in licensing and deployment solutions for education – providing 100% of an institution's digital tools via one self-service platform. Academic Software, part of the Signpost Group