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Academic Software is big news in Spain

Digital transformation


The article was looking at the digital transformation in higher education, exploring the impact of information technologies on the wider transformation processes of educational institutions. One of the points made in the article was that students and university staff now expect a highly personalised and flexible experience in learning and teaching in higher education, and ICT needs to support this.

The article highlighted the ways in which Academic Software is helping to facilitate transformation in education, working to remove barriers to the use of digital resources. The article discussed some of the features of the Academic Software platform, explaining how it provides for the cost effective management of an institution’s digital needs, backed up by expert, multilingual user support.

The La Vanguardia article also welcomed the launch of our Digital Education Decoded podcast, which has started with a series of interviews with experts and leaders in the field of ICT in higher education in Spain.

Check out the podcast (in Spanish) here:

And you can also view the podcasts with English subtitles on Academic Software’s YouTube channel

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