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Our one-stop platform offers staff, educators, researchers and students access to high-end and up-to-date software, cloud applications, and learning platforms needed in their educational trajectories on their device.


Academic Software is a modern workplace deployment solution, where every type of user (staff, student, teacher, researcher) can access, deploy and license the tools they need through the single sign-on of their institution .

Multiple deployment options

The user can choose the deployment method that fits best, including self-service licences if needed. Software can be deployed via native installation, MDMs like Intune and Jamf, or can be run in browser, VDI, separate virtual machine… As an organisation you choose what kind of user gets what kind of deployment method.

Customisable to your needs

The portal integrates with your existing single sign-on and learning management system, showing only the tools that that a specific user needs. Together with you, we tailor the packages, licensing and deployment methods to meet the individual needs of any kind of user.

Cloud solutions

With our Cloud integrations like Studentcloud, Researchcloud and Cloudplayer, and with our integrations with Intune, Jamf, and Azure Virtual Desktop, we can offer tailormade, fully automated and cost-monitored Cloud solutions for each kind of end user, from student to researcher.

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Your data is your data. How Academic Software keeps your data safe

Your data is your data: how Academic Software keeps your data safe

Keeping safe the personal data of young people in education is a big concern for schools, colleges and universities. How do you provide individualised access to digital tools for learning and teaching but still give the highest priority to safeguarding the individual, personal data of users?

Efficiency gains in education ICT with Academic Software

Efficiency gains in education ICT with Academic Software

If one of the big stories of education now is that users are bringing their own laptops and devices, and institutions are investing less in on-site computer labs, surely this means that schools and universities are spending a lot less on ICT?

Breaking down digital barriers with Academic Software
Digital Inclusion

Breaking down digital barriers with Academic Software

Academic Arne Vandendriessche, recently had an article Software’s CEO, published in PIE (Professionals in International Education) News, in which he outlined some of the ways Academic Software can help institutions break down barriers to the use of digital tools in education.

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Academic Software is the all-in-one solution for teachers and students to access high-end and up-to-date software and digital assets needed in their educational trajectory through their school account, enriching the teaching and learning experience and increasing the quality of education.